BMB International Recruitment is committed to providing the highest levels of service to both their employer partners and to the foreign workers placed. Key to this success is BMB’s commitment to ethical recruitment principles. 

These principles ensure safe and sustainable pathways that have been proven to create long term success for BMB’s foreign workers and employers. Following BMB’s robust and transparent recruitment process, employers are assured that only the very best staff are selected for each position, speed and proficiency in processing visas / professional credentials, and our after arrival settlement care means workers can always reach out to their BMB contact for support on work related or personal matters. 

BMB’s policy of no recruitment fees or related costs being paid by the worker ensures our employment partners are only hiring the best individual for the job based solely on merits, which in turn inspires loyalty to the employer and has been key to retaining talent for the long-term. 

BMB are proud to operate in accordance with the Code of Practice for international recruitment of healthcare professionals. You can find BMB listed with International Agencies for NHS Employers

BMB Commitments

  1. BMB provide step by step process flow with appropriate breakdown of costs and timelines to the employer from initial consultation. 
  2. Ensure staff are fully aware of all employment details at first stage of recruitment.
  3. Provide full transparency to the employer and foreign worker at all points of the recruitment and hiring process.
  4. BMB International conform with requirements under any applicable laws, regulations or agreements and other formal procedures or requirements in all regions and industries in which we operate. 
  5. Guarantee that BMB staff are trained, aware of and implement commitments to ethical recruitment principles, and in particular to the prohibition of charging recruitment fees or related costs to workers.
  6. Travel is prearranged to ensure smooth and safe arrival of foreign worker to destination.
  7. Settlement and pastoral services available for foreign workers should they require. 
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