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Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Established in 1916, SAIT in Calgary, Canada is a global leader in applied education and offers 100+ career programs, 1,300+ continuing education courses and corporate training courses to more than 200 companies annually.

SAIT students study within eight academic schools — Business, Construction, Energy, Health and Public Safety, Hospitality and Tourism, Information and Communications Technologies, Manufacturing and Automation and Transportation.

Hands-on learning in unique labs and classrooms, solution-focused research and enterprising collaborations with industry partners ensure SAIT students are career-ready when they graduate.

Calgary is a vibrant, modern city located in the southern part of Alberta. With a population of 1.4 million, Calgary is the fourth-largest city in the Canada. Calgary has a multicultural character and is very diverse; close to 150 different languages are spoken in the city. Calgary is well-known for its citizens’ friendliness and hospitality, as well as the natural beauty of its surroundings. Calgary was recently rated the 5th most liveable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Courses available in SAIT

Engineering and Technology
  • Petroleum Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Aircraft Structure Technician Certificate
  • Architect Technologies Diploma
  • Power Process Operations Certificate
  • Railway Conductor Certificate
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations Certificate
  • Chemical Laboratory Technology Diploma
  • Civil Engineering technology
  • Diesel Equipment Technician Certificate
  • Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Engineering Design and Drafting Technology Diploma
  • Geomatics Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Certificate
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology Diploma
  • Automotive Service Technology Diploma
  • Avionics Technology Diploma
  • Chemical Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Energy Asset Management Diploma
  • Environmental Technology Diploma
  • Instrumental Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Integrated Water Management Diploma
  • Machinist Technician Certificate
  • Power Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Welding Engineering Technology Diploma
  • Welding Technician Certificate

Bachelor’s degree (2 years post-grad)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management
  • Professional Cooking Diploma
  • Baking and Pastry Arts Diploma
  • Butchery and Charcuterie Management Certificate
  • Culinary Entrepreneurship Post Diploma Certificate
Business, Hospitality and Administration
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Travel and Tourism Diploma
  • Administrative Information Management Diploma
  • Accounting Oil and Gas Production Certificate
  • Office Professional Certificate
  • Legal Assistant Diploma
  • Business Administration Diploma
  • Business Management – Automotive Management Diploma
  • Library Information Technology Diploma
Health and Human Services
  • Optician Diploma
  • Pharmacy Assistant Certificate
  • Health Information Management Diploma
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate
  • Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk
Information Technology
  • Graphic Communications and Print Technology Diploma
  • Information Systems Security
  • Information Technology
  • Network technician Certificate
  • New Media Production Design Diploma
  • Object Oriented Software Development Certificate
  • Business intelligence – Data Analysis and Reporting Certificate
  • Web Developer Certificate
  • Database Administrator
  • Technology Infrastructure Analyst Post Diploma Certificate
Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Journalism Diploma
  • Film and Video Production Diploma
  • Radio, Technology and Broadcast News Diploma
  • Broadcast Systems Technology Diploma
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