Brenda Mae Briddon
President, CEO

Brenda Briddon established BMB International Recruitment in 1998 to help with the shortage of nurses in the UK. With 40 years’ experience as a global entrepreneur, Brenda is a proven business leader and innovator of high quality and ethical international recruitment.

The success of BMB International Recruitment is founded upon Brenda’s comprehensive understanding of client needs, natural empathy and hands on approach with all level of the recruitment process. This innovative recruitment style is the foundation on which the BMB culture is renowned.

Brenda started her journey in healthcare recruitment when studying nursing in England at Groby Road Hospital in Leicestershire in 1972. She subsequently worked in London and then for The American Hospital of Tehran. In 1978, Brenda returned to the UK to set up a number of successful retail and wholesale ventures, initiating her passion for international business. Brenda soon grew a global network of suppliers importing textiles, furniture and ethnic goods from Asia and the Middle East supplying her own outlets as well as retail stores across the UK and Europe.

In 1997 Brenda began to research feasibility of establishing an international network to fill considerable labor shortages affecting the UK care industry. During this time she established a pioneering model to provide holistic support to internationally educated care staff. Throughout this period the personal care invested was built upon her own experiences as an International Educated Nurse.

Spending her time across three continents to maintain close relationships with business partners and the many recruits she has helped in the past 20 years.

Brenda maintains strong roots in the Philippines providing scholarship assistance to young Filipinos with over 40 graduates completing university. Brenda also invests local communities to assist underprivileged women to gain independence and self-sufficiency through work and education programs.

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