Sourcing experienced and compassionate nurses is one of the great challenges facing many professional organisations in the care industry the world over.

Our services are guaranteed to provide you with fully fluent and experienced professionals – the sterling standard in overseas recruitment. BMB candidates will be certified in their field, have excellent English language skills and a basic minimum standard of one year hospital experience in their area of specialization.


BMB assists both employer and employee to meet all immigration requirements.

Process authentication and verification of Employer Job Orders for Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)

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  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • In house written clinical / trade test – provided to employer
  • In house language test
  • IELTS testing
  • Assisting and guidance with professional accreditation (e.g.. NMC documentation / CLPNA licensing)
  • Training and support for IELTS and CBT in the Philippines
  • International level testing in preparation for overseas demands in country of origin


  • Family orientation in country of origin and cultural introduction
  • Preparation of visas and travel documents
  • Accompany staff to airport
  • Pick up from airport
  • Comprehensive arrival food pack
  • Pastoral care
  • Personal development, including supporting additional professional qualifications
  • Career development, working with the employer; to ensure retention of highly talented staff
  • Housing and accommodation services


Should employer or staff member require support to aid settlement in any way at any hour BMB staff will be on hand to assist. It is this extra service that has meant both Employer and Employee can concentrate in their core skills and has lead to a 96% retention rate for our staff. It is thus that sets BMB International Recruitment from our competitors.