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One-year Gerontology Program with MacEwan University

BMB International partnering with MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada are providing ambitious Nurses and Midwives from the Philippines the opportunity to learn international standards of care and a means to accelerate their careers.

Post-Basic Nursing Practice

Hospice Palliative Care & Gerontological Nursing, Gerontology Major

The Post-Basic Nursing Practice Gerontology Major certificate program at MacEwan University prepares the student for a rewarding career as an in-demand health care professional working with all the tools necessary to provide first-rate service to the aging population.

Older patients often require complex and specialized care to maintain physical & mental health. With new advances in all areas of health care, Registered Nurses and Midwives specializing in gerontology offer their patients increased mobility, improved resilience and greater peace of mind.

In today’s competitive employment market this specialized Canadian University Certificate provides the graduate significant advantage in guaranteeing work opportunities and progressing careers into advanced Nursing and management positions.

Program Length

9 months

Course Commencement

September 2019


MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada

Gerontology Major: Course Structure

Term 1 Fall Semester: September to December
(ENGL 086) English – 5 credits
(NURS 477) Therapeutic Relations – 3 credits
(NURS 481) Optimizing Older Adult Health – 4 credits
Term 2 Winter Semester : January to April
(PBNS 340) Health Assessment – 3 credits
(NURS 476) Leadership in Care Management – 2 credits
(NURS 480) Conceptualizing Gerontology – 2 credits
(NURS 482) Dementia Care in the Elderly – 4 credits
Term 3 Spring Semester: May to June
(INTD 105) Interpersonal Skills Development – 3 credits
(NURS 475) Ethics in Gerontology and Palliative Care – 2 credits
(NURS 478) Field Project – 1 credit
Total 29 Credits
University credits recognized by Education Ministry allows transferability for future studies.

Application Requirements

    • Registered Nurse and Midwife
    • BSc Nursing or Midwifery College Degree
    • PRC Board Passer
    • IELTS with minimum score of 6 in speaking, reading, writing and listening
    • Employment Experience (an advantage but not mandatory)
    • Letter of reference from your employer or instructor
    • Letter of intent from the applicant that demonstrates foundation knowledge of field, work related experience and personal attributes that qualifies them for Gerontology study program.
To start your application, submit copies of the following documents for your free assessment:
    • Resume
    • PRC Card
    • All education documents
    • Passport
    • Employment Certificates (if available)
    • IELTS (if available)

Student Benefits

Use of Library
Health and Wellness Centre
University Facilities
Health and Dental Care
Student Photo ID Card (discount eligibility)

Founded in 1971, located in Edmonton’s downtown core, MacEwan University provides a transformative education in a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Creativity thrives here—through research and innovation that engages students, faculty and the community. We are focused on our students—providing them with choice and opportunities for success with a dynamic mix of undergraduate degrees, certificates, diplomas & degree-transfer programming.

Nursing Faculty
The Centre for Professional Nursing Education offers a mosaic of innovative continuing education programs grounded in evidence-based practice & responsive to a dynamic health care environment. The Clinical Simulation Centre (CSC) is 25,000 square feet of authentic clinical spaces that set the stage for students to practice skills & critical thinking in a realistic learning environment.

Our students gave us top marks—awarding us “A+” grades for our instructors’ teaching style & our class sizes, along with “A” grades for the quality of our teaching & student- faculty interaction.

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