A Message from the President

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the history of BMB International.

BMB International is a global organisation established in 1998, originally only specializing in providing highly skilled health care professionals the opportunity to apply their talents to high end employers in the UK. BMB has now grown to encompass more comprehensive services including Recruitment, Education and Immigration Consultancy service, with offices in the Philippines, UK and Canada. With an emphasis on quality service at every stage of the application process, BMB has maintained market leadership in ethical recruitment, education and immigration consultancy, while continuing to grow globally.

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Brenda with Registered Nurses recruited for NHS Trust – Stoke Mandeville Hospital in year 2000.

The pillars upon which BMB have been built are based on my own personal experiences, when in 1972 I left the Philippines to study nursing in the United Kingdom. My experience was very different to what our applicants experience today – I applied directly to the hospital for the position and received an offer letter a few weeks later with a time, date and location of where to report to in England. I then gathered documents, booked plane tickets and organised transport from Heathrow airport to my lodgings in Leicester completely undependably. The experience is something that was very daunting, to go through the whole process unguided, to leave my family, board a plane for the first time, also to go to a country where I knew no one, but it was a necessary step to progress my career and help my family.

Following my graduation, I worked as a nurse in Leicester, London and then Tehran before opening my own businesses in the early 1980s.

Brenda working as a Registered Nurse circa 1976

In the late 1990s there was a significant demand for nurses in the UK, so in 1997, I conducted a feasibility study in establishing a global network to fill labor shortages affecting the UK care industry. In 1998, BMB International Recruitment was established with what has become an innovative model to provide high end recruitment services with holistic support to internationally educated care staff with the emphasis on post placement care.

The personal investment with every individual was inspired by my own experiences as an internationally educated nurse – providing BMB applicants, the support which I never.

This includes a family orientation before staff leave the country, accompaniment to the airport comprehensive support once the applicant lands in their new country.

As BMB International has grown to include added services, we have stayed grounded in our attention to detail for every individual. As an international student myself I am happy to see the education component grow in recent years, which is a perfect fit for our key principles of long-term career enhancement. 

BMB has now assisted over 4000 people to achieve their dreams and continues to maintain personal relations with individuals and their families.

BMB International Recruitment is committed to providing exemplary levels of service to their clients. The ethical standards as set out below form the framework for all business decision of the company.

Thank you for considering us and we look forward to serving you.

Yours Sincerely,

Brenda Mae Briddon

President /CEO

BMB International

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