To be the leading ethical recruitment and consultancy specialists, combining expertise, compassion and diligence in providing optimum long-term success for both clients and candidates.


To provide invaluable service to applicants for the long-term, holistic benefit for all clients.

To act in a principled manner, reflecting our commitment to the highest ethical standards as set out by our founder, Brenda Briddon.

To learn all we can about the needs and expectations of our customers and to never fall short of these targets.

To continually learn and grow, professionally and personally in order to improve our recruitment service for the benefit of our customers.

To create lasting relationships with our clients and candidates based on integrity, trust, mutual respect, family and friendship.

To continue acquiring relevant information and expanding our knowledge and expertise to be considered specialist recruitment, education, immigration consultants and trusted advisors.

To fully appreciate the trust handed to us as career advisers and the significant impact our professional recommendations may have in that individual’s life.

Family First; we will strive to prioritize individual family values over all else when assessing candidates’ career opportunities.

BMB International Recruitment Key Principles

  1. Empathy
    To understand, connect and show compassion to the needs affecting each individual applicants and employers.
  2. Trust
    To create meaningful professional and personal relationships with our clients, based on trust, empathy and reliability of service.
  3. Diligence
    To provide world class service, grounded attention to detail of application and professional accreditation processes.
  4. Family
    To treat those around us with kindness, consideration, honesty, compassion and care.
  5. Respect
    To always be aware of achievements and acknowledge the abilities and sacrifices made by our clients and candidates.
  6. Reliability
    To provide dependable support to our staff and clients that results in strong and long-lasting relationships.
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