Our Mission 

To be acknowledged as the principled global recruitment specialist leader, combining expertise, compassion and diligence in providing optimum results for both clients and candidates.

Our vision

To provide invaluable service to client and candidate for the long-term, holistic benefit for both parties.

To act in a principled manner, reflecting our commitment to the highest ethical standards as set out by our founder.

To learn all we can about the hiring needs and expectations of our customers and to never fall short of these targets.

To continually learn and grow, professionally and personally in order to improve our recruitment service for the benefit of our customers.

To create lasting relationships with our clients and candidates based on integrity, trust, mutual respect and friendship.

To continue acquiring relevant information and expanding our knowledge and expertise to be considered specialist recruitment consultants and trusted advisors.

To fully appreciate the trust handed to us as career advisers and the significant impact our professional recommendations may have in that individual’s life.

Family First; we will strive to prioritize individual family values over all else when assessing candidates’ career opportunities.

Core Values

1.         Trust

To create meaningful professional and personal relationships based on reliability of service.

2.         Empathy

To understand and never underestimate the important issues affecting our customers.

3.         Diligence

To provide world class recruitment services, grounded in hard work and attention to detail.

4.         Family

To treat those around us with compassion and care.

5.         Respect

To always be aware of achievements, abilities and sacrifices made by our clients and candidates.

6.         Integrity

To show strong moral principles in every aspect of our services, as laid out by our founder.

7.         Loyalty

To provide dependable support to our customers whenever called upon, for whatever reason.


BMB provide complete recruitment services across three streams - spanning the hiring and employment life-cycle, from shortlisting through to long-term retention of professional staff.


1.         Recruitment and Hiring

BMB work to understand the specific needs of your company in order to find the perfect candidate for the role. Through our extensive regional and international networks we work tirelessly to screen staff so as to ensure qualifications and match your companies individual requirements and culture. This ensure you never waste time interviewing none qualified candidates. With BMB each resume sent to you will be of the highest caliber.


2.         Comprehensive HR Consultancy

Maintaining a clear communication line with all of your staff, particularly with growing businesses can be difficult. BMB do not only hire and place staff but continue a triangular relationship between Employer, Candidate and Agency so that transparent dialogue continues throughout employment.

Staff are assisted wherever possible to up-skill qualifications. This is then communicated to the employer so that a clear pathway to promotion and retention is ensured for the benefit of both parties.


3.         Support Services for Employees

Relocating to a new country, a new city or even to a new company can sometimes be a daunting prospect. BMB offers wide-ranging support through a variety of methods when required. Through our extensive experience over the past 20 years, we have found that providing this care and support outside of work has lead to individuals achieving potential professionally.

Assistance includes:

Advice on resume writing and interview conduct

Assisting to upskill qualifications via schooling or gaining professional licensure

Assist on relocation and accommodation sourcing

Pastoral care

Professional development, working with the employer; to ensure long term career progression